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Terms of Use 使用條款


Welcome to Jetso Magazine HK!

These Terms of Use (or “Terms”) govern your use of Jetso Magazine HK, except where we expressly state that separate terms (and not these) apply, and provide information about the Jetso Magazine HK Service (the “Service”), outlined below. When you create an Jetso Magazine HK account or use Jetso Magazine HK, you agree to these terms. The Facebook Terms of Service do not apply to this Service.

The Jetso Magazine HK Service is related to our Facebook Page, provided to you by These Terms of Use therefore constitute an agreement between you and



這些使用條款(或“條款”)約束您對Jetso Magazine HK的使用,除非我們明確聲明適用單獨的條款(而非這些條款),並提供有關Jetso Magazine HK服務(“服務”)的概述,下面。創建Jetso Magazine HK帳戶或使用Jetso Magazine HK時,您同意這些條款。 Facebook服務條款不適用於該服務。 Jetso Magazine HK服務是LikeHongKong.com提供給您的Facebook專頁之擴展,因此,這些使用條款構成您與LikeHongKong.com之間的協議。

The Jetso Magazine HK Service

We agree to provide you with the Jetso Magazine HK Service. The Service includes all of the Jetso Magazine HK products, special offers and discounts, features, applications, services, technologies, and software that we provide to advance Jetso Magazine HK's mission: To bring you Jetso and things you love. The Service is made up of the following aspects:

The Jetso Magazine HK服務

我們同意為您提供著數情報。服務包括我們提供的所有Jetso Magazine HK產品,特別優惠和折扣,功能,應用程序,服務,技術和軟件,以推動Jetso Magazine HK的使命:為您帶來Jetso和您所愛的東西。該服務由以下幾個方面組成:

  • Offering personalized opportunities to create, connect, communicate, discover, and share.
    People are different. We want to strengthen your relationships through shared experiences you actually care about. So we build systems that try to understand who and what you and others care about, and use that information to help you create, find, join, and share in experiences that matter to you. Part of that is highlighting content, features, offers, and accounts you might be interested in, and offering ways for you to experience Jetso Magazine HK, based on things you and others do on and off Jetso Magazine HK.


•提供個性化的機會來創建,連接,交流,發現和共享。人是不同的。我們希望通過您真正關心的共享經驗來加強您的關係。因此,我們構建的系統試圖了解您和其他人關心的對象和對象,並使用這些信息來幫助您創建,找到,加入並分享對您重要的體驗。其中的一部分是突出顯示您可能感興趣的內容,功能,優惠和帳戶,並根據您和其他人在Jetso Magazine HK上和下進行的操作為您提供體驗Jetso Magazine HK的方式。

  • Fostering a positive, inclusive, and safe environment.
    We develop and use tools and offer resources to our community members that help to make their experiences positive and inclusive, including when we think they might need help. We also have teams and systems that work to combat abuse and violations of our Terms and policies, as well as harmful and deceptive behavior. We use all the information we have-including your information-to try to keep our platform secure. We also may share information about misuse or harmful content with other Companies or law enforcement.




  • Developing and using technologies that help us consistently serve our growing community.
    Organizing and analyzing information for our growing community is central to our Service. A big part of our Service is creating and using cutting-edge technologies that help us personalize, protect, and improve our Service on an incredibly large scale for a broad global community. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning give us the power to apply complex processes across our Service. Automated technologies also help us ensure the functionality and integrity of our Service.




  • Providing consistent and seamless experiences across other Jetso Forum Products.
    Jetso Magazine HK share technology, systems, insights, and information-including the information we have about in order to provide services that are better, safer, and more secure. We also provide ways to interact across the Jetso Forum Products that you use, and designed systems to achieve a seamless and consistent experience across the Jetso Forum Products.


  • 在其他Jetso論壇產品上提供一致和無縫的體驗
    Jetso Magazine HK共享技術,系統,見解和信息,包括我們所擁有的有關您的信息,以便提供更好,更安全,更多的服務。安全。我們還提供了在您使用的Jetso論壇產品之間進行交互的方法,並設計了系統以在Jetso論壇產品之間實現無縫,一致的體驗。


  • Ensuring access to our Service.

    To operate our global Service, we must store and transfer data across our systems around the world, including outside of your country of residence. The use of this global infrastructure is necessary and essential to provide our Service. This infrastructure may be owned or operated by Facebook, or their affiliates.


  • 確保訪問我們的服務

  • 要運營我們的全球服務,我們必須在全球系統(包括您居住國家/地區之外)的系統中存儲和傳輸數據。使用全球基礎設施對於提供我們的服務是必要且必不可少的。此基礎結構可能由Facebook, Wix.com或其關聯公司擁有或運營。

  • Connecting you with brands, products, and services in ways you care about.
    We use data from Jetso Magazine HK and other Jetso Forum Products, as well as from third-party partners, to show you ads, offers, and other sponsored content that we believe will be meaningful to you. And we try to make that content as relevant as all your other experiences on Jetso Magazine HK.


    我們使用來自Jetso Magazine HK和其他Jetso論壇產品以及第三方合作夥伴的數據向您顯示我們認為對您有意義的廣告,優惠和其他贊助內容。並且,我們將使該內容與您在Jetso Magazine HK上的所有其他經歷一樣相關。


  • Research and innovation.
    We use the information we have to study our Service and collaborate with others on research to make our Service better and contribute to the well-being of our community.



How Our Service Is Funded

Instead of paying to use Jetso Magazine HK, by using the Service covered by these Terms, you acknowledge that we can show you ads that businesses and organizations pay us to promote on and off the Jetso Forum Products. We use your personal data, such as information about your activity and interests, to show you ads that are more relevant to you.

We show you relevant and useful ads without telling advertisers who you are. We don’t sell your personal data. We allow advertisers to tell us things like their business goal and the kind of audience they want to see their ads. We then show their ad to people who might be interested.

We also provide advertisers with reports about the performance of their ads to help them understand how people are interacting with their content on and off Jetso Magazine HK. For example, we provide general demographic and interest information to advertisers to help them better understand their audience. We don’t share information that directly identifies you unless you give us specific permission.

You may see branded content on Jetso Magazine HK posted by account holders who promote products or services based on a commercial relationship with the business partner mentioned in their content.




我們向您展示相關且有用的廣告,而無需告知廣告客戶您的身份。我們不會出售您的個人數據。我們允許廣告客戶告訴我們他們的業務目標以及想要查看其廣告的受眾的類型。然後,我們向可能感興趣的人展示他們的廣告。 我們還為廣告客戶提供有關廣告效果的報告,以幫助他們了解人們如何在著數情報香港內外與他們的內容進行互動。例如,我們向廣告客戶提供一般的受眾特徵和興趣信息,以幫助他們更好地了解其受眾。除非您授予我們特定的許可,否則我們不會共享直接識別您的信息。

您可能會在帳戶中張貼的Jetso Magazine HK上看到品牌持有人發布的品牌內容,這些帳戶持有人根據與內容中提到的業務合作夥伴的商業關係來推廣產品或服務。

The Data Policy


Providing our Service requires collecting and using your information. The Data Policy explains how we collect, use, and share. It also explains the many ways you can control your information, including in the Privacy Policy. You must agree to the Data Policy to use Jetso Magazine HK.



提供我們的服務需要收集和使用您的信息。數據政策說明了我們如何在Facebook產品上收集,使用和共享信息。它還說明了控制信息的多種方法,包括私隱政策。您必須同意數據政策才能使用Jetso Magazine HK。

Your Commitments

In return for our commitment to provide the Service, we require you to make the below commitments to us.


Who Can Use Jetso Magazine HK. We want our Service to be as open and inclusive as possible, but we also want it to be safe, secure, and in accordance with the law. So, we need you to commit to a few restrictions in order to be part of the Jetso Magazine HK community.

  • You must be at least 13 years old or the minimum legal age in your country to use Jetso Magazine HK.

  • You must not be prohibited from receiving any aspect of our Service under applicable laws or engaging in payments related Services if you are on an applicable denied party listing.

  • We must not have previously disabled your account for violation of law or any of our policies.

  • You must not be a convicted sex offender.




誰可以使用Jetso Magazine HK

我們希望我們的服務盡可能開放和包容,但是我們也希望它是安全,有保障並符合法律的。因此,我們需要您做出一些限制,才能成為Jetso Magazine HK社區的一員。
•您必須年滿13歲或您所在國家的法定最低年齡才能使用Jetso Magazine HK。

How You Can't Use Jetso Magazine HK. Providing a safe and open Service for a broad community requires that we all do our part.


以下情況,你將不可使用Jetso Magazine HK。為廣大社區提供安全和開放的服務需要我們全力以赴。

  • You can't impersonate others or provide inaccurate information.
    You don't have to disclose your identity on Jetso Magazine HK, but you must provide us with accurate and up to date information (including registration information), which may include providing personal data. Also, you may not impersonate someone or something you aren't, and you can't create an account for someone else unless you have their express permission.


您不能假冒他人或提供不正確的信息。 您不必在Jetso Magazine HK上披露您的身份,但是您必須向我們提供準確且最新的信息(包括註冊信息),其中可能包括提供個人數據。此外,您不可以假冒別人或為他人創建帳戶,除非獲得他人的明確許可。

  • You can't do anything unlawful, misleading, or fraudulent or for an illegal or unauthorized purpose.

  • You can't violate (or help or encourage others to violate) these Terms or our policies.
    If you post branded content, you must comply with our Copyright Policy, which require you to use our branded content tool.


  • 您不能做任何非法,誤導,欺詐或非法或未經授權的用途。

  • 您不能違反(或幫助或鼓勵他人違反)這些條款或我們的政策。

  • 如果發布品牌內容,則必須遵守我們的版權政策

  • You can't do anything to interfere with or impair the intended operation of the Service.
    This includes misusing any reporting, dispute, or appeals channel, such as by making fraudulent or groundless reports or appeals.

  • You can't attempt to create accounts or access or collect information in unauthorized ways.
    This includes creating accounts or collecting information in an automated way without our express permission.



  • You can’t sell, license, or purchase any account or data obtained from us or our Service.
    This includes attempts to buy, sell, or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username); solicit, collect, or use login credentials or badges of other users; or request or collect Jetso Magazine HK usernames, passwords, or misappropriate access tokens.


  • 您不能出售,許可或購買從我們或我們的服務獲得的任何帳戶或數據。 這包括嘗試買賣,轉移帳戶的任何方面(包括用戶名);徵集,收集或使用其他用戶的登錄憑據或徽章;或請求或收集Jetso Magazine HK用戶名,密碼或不當訪問令牌。

  • You can't post someone else’s private or confidential information without permission or do anything that violates someone else's rights, including intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeit, or pirated goods).
    You may use someone else's works under exceptions or limitations to copyright and related rights under applicable law. You represent you own or have obtained all necessary rights to the content you post or share.

  • You can’t modify, translate, create derivative works of, or reverse engineer our products or their components.

  • You can't use a domain name or URL in your username without our prior written consent.

  • 未經許可,您不得發布他人的私人或機密信息,也不得做任何侵犯他人權利的事情,包括知識產權(例如,侵犯版權,商標侵權,假冒或盜版商品)。根據適用法律,您可以在版權和相關權的例外或限制下使用他人的作品。您表示自己擁有或已獲得對您發布或共享的內容的所有必要權利。


Permissions You Give to Us. As part of our agreement, you also give us permissions that we need to provide the Service.


  • We do not claim ownership of your content, but you grant us a license to use it.
    Nothing is changing about your rights in your content. We do not claim ownership of your content that you post on or through the Service and you are free to share your content with anyone else, wherever you want. However, we need certain legal permissions from you (known as a “license”) to provide the Service. When you share, post, or upload content that is covered by intellectual property rights (like photos or videos) on or in connection with our Service, you hereby grant to us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of your content (consistent with your privacy and application settings). This license will end when your content is deleted from our systems. You can delete content individually or all at once by deleting your account.



  • Permission to use your username, profile picture, and information about your relationships and actions with accounts, ads, and sponsored content.
    You give us permission to show your username, profile picture, and information about your actions (such as likes) or relationships (such as follows) next to or in connection with accounts, ads, offers, and other sponsored content that you follow or engage with that are displayed without any compensation to you. For example, we may show that you liked a sponsored post created by a brand that has paid us to display its ads on Jetso Magazine HK. As with actions on other content and follows of other accounts, actions on sponsored content and follows of sponsored accounts can be seen only by people who have permission to see that content or follow.

  • You agree that we can download and install updates to the Service on your device.

  • 允許使用您的用戶名,個人資料圖片以及有關您與帳戶,廣告和贊助內容的關係和操作的信息。
    您允許我們在您關注或參與的帳戶,廣告,優惠和其他贊助內容旁邊或與之相關聯顯示您的用戶名,個人資料圖片以及有關您的操作(如喜歡)或關係(如以下)的信息並會顯示而不會給您任何補償。例如,我們可能表明您喜歡某品牌贊助的帖子,該品牌已付費給我們在Jetso Magazine HK上展示其廣告。與對其他內容和其他帳戶的後續操作一樣,對贊助內容和贊助帳戶的後續操作也只能由有權查看該內容或關注的人員看到。

  • 您同意我們可以在您的設備上下載並安裝服務更新。

Additional Rights We Retain

  • If you select a username or similar identifier for your account, we may change it if we believe it is appropriate or necessary (for example, if it infringes someone's intellectual property or impersonates another user).

  • If you use content covered by intellectual property rights that we have and make available in our Service (for example, images, designs, videos, or sounds we provide that you add to content you create or share), we retain all rights to our content (but not yours).

  • You can only use our intellectual property and trademarks or similar marks as expressly permitted by us or with our prior written permission.

  • You must obtain written permission from us or under an open source license to modify, create derivative works of, decompile, or otherwise attempt to extract source code from us.



  • 如果您為帳戶選擇一個用戶名或類似的標識符,我們會在認為適當或必要的情況下(例如,侵犯某人的知識產權或冒充其他用戶的情況)對其進行更改。

  • 如果您使用我們擁有並在我們服務中提供的知識產權保護的內容(例如,您提供給您創建或共享的內容的圖像,設計,視頻或聲音,則我們保留對我們的所有權利)內容(但不是您的內容)。

  • 您只能使用我們的明確許可或事先獲得我們的書面許可的知識產權和商標或類似標記。

  • 您必須獲得我們的書面許可或獲得開源許可,才能修改,創建其衍生作品,反編譯或以其他方式嘗試從我們提取源代碼。


Content Removal and Disabling or Terminating Your Account


  • We can remove any content or information you share on the Service if we believe that it violates these Terms of Use, our policies, or we are permitted or required to do so by law. We can refuse to provide or stop providing all or part of the Service to you immediately to protect our community or services, or if you create risk or legal exposure for us, violate these Terms of Use or our policies, if you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights, or where we are permitted or required to do so by law. We can also terminate or change the Service, remove or block content or information shared on our Service, or stop providing all or part of the Service if we determine that doing so is reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts on us.

  • 如果我們認為您違反了這些使用條款,我們的政策,或者我們被法律允許或要求這樣做,則我們可以刪除您在服務上共享的任何內容或信息。我們會立即拒絕為您提供或停止向您提供全部或部分服務,以保護我們的社區或服務,或者如果您給我們帶來風險或法律風險如果您屢次侵犯他人的知識產權,或者在法律允許或要求的情況下,請違反這些使用條款或我們的政策。如果我們確定這樣做是合理必要的,以避免或減輕對我們的不利影響,我們也可以終止或更改服務,刪除或阻止在服務上共享的內容或信息,或停止提供全部或部分服務。

  • Content will not be deleted within 90 days of the account deletion or content deletion process beginning in the following situations:

    • where your content has been used by others in accordance with this license and they have not deleted it (in which case this license will continue to apply until that content is deleted); or

    • where deletion within 90 days is not possible due to technical limitations of our systems, in which case, we will complete the deletion as soon as technically feasible; or

    • where deletion would restrict our ability to:

      • investigate or identify illegal activity or violations of our terms and policies (for example, to identify or investigate misuse of our products or systems);

      • protect the safety and security of our products, systems, and users;

      • comply with a legal obligation, such as the preservation of evidence; or

      • comply with a request of a judicial or administrative authority, law enforcement or a government agency;

    • in which case, the content will be retained for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it has been retained (the exact duration will vary on a case-by-case basis).

    • •在以下情況下,在帳戶刪除或內容刪除過程開始後的90天內不會刪除內容:

    • 如果您的內容已被他人根據本許可證使用,而他們尚未刪除(在這種情況下,此許可證將繼續適用,直到刪除該內容);或

    • 如果由於我們系統的技術限製而無法在90天內刪除,在這種情況下,我們將在技術上可行的情況下盡快完成刪除;

    • 刪除將限制我們的能力:

      • 調查或識別非法活動或違反我們的條款和政策的行為(例如,識別或調查對我們產品或系統的濫用);

      • 保護我們產品,系統和用戶的安全性;

      • 遵守法律義務,例如保存證據;或

      • 遵守司法或行政當局,執法機構或政府機構的要求

    • 在這種情況下,內容的保留時間不會超過其保留目的所需的時間(確切的持續時間將視情況而定)。

  • If you delete or we disable your account, these Terms shall terminate as an agreement between you and us, but this section and the section below called "Our Agreement and What Happens if We Disagree" will still apply even after your account is terminated, disabled, or deleted.

  • 如果您刪除或我們禁用了您的帳戶,則本條款將作為您與我們之間的協議而終止,但是即使您的帳戶被終止,本節和下面稱為“我們的協議以及不同意的情況”的部分仍將適用,禁用或刪除。


Our Agreement and What Happens if We Disagree



Our Agreement

  • If you use certain other features or related services, additional terms will be made available and will also become a part of our agreement. If any of those terms conflict with this agreement, those other terms will govern.

  • If any aspect of this agreement is unenforceable, the rest will remain in effect.

  • Any amendment or waiver to our agreement must be in writing and signed by us. If we fail to enforce any aspect of this agreement, it will not be a waiver.

  • We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.



  • 如果您使用某些其他功能或相關服務,則將提供其他條款,這些條款也將成為我們協議的一部分。如果其中任何條款與本協議衝突,則以其他條款為準。

Who Has Rights Under this Agreement.



  • This agreement does not give rights to any third parties.

  • You cannot transfer your rights or obligations under this agreement without our consent.

  • Our rights and obligations can be assigned to others. For example, this could occur if our ownership changes (as in a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets) or by law.

  • 本協議不賦予任何第三方任何權利。

  • 未經我們同意,您不能轉讓您在本協議下的權利或義務。

  • 我們的權利和義務可以轉讓給他人。例如,如果我們的所有權發生變化(例如在資產的合併,收購或出售中)或根據法律發生,則可能發生這種情況。

Who Is Responsible if Something Happens.




  • We also don’t control what people and others do or say, and we aren’t responsible for their (or your) actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or content (including unlawful or objectionable content). We also aren’t responsible for services and features offered by other people or companies, even if you access them through our Service.

  • Our responsibility for anything that happens on the Service (also called "liability") is limited as much as the law will allow. If there is an issue with our Service, we can't know what all the possible impacts might be. You agree that we won't be responsible ("liable") for any lost profits, revenues, information, or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms, even if we know they are possible. This includes when we delete your content, information, or account.

  • 我們的服務“按原樣”提供,我們不能保證它的安全性或正常運行。在法律允許的範圍內,我們也拒絕提供任何明示或暗示的保證,包括對適銷性,特定目的的適用性,標題和不侵權的默示保證。

  • 我們不能控制人們和其他人的行為或言論,我們對他們(或您)的行為或行為(無論是在線還是離線)或內容(包括非法或令人反感的內容)概不負責。即使您通過我們的服務訪問它們,我們也不對其他人或公司提供的服務和功能負責。

  • 在法律允許的範圍內,我們對服務中發生的任何事情(也稱為“責任”)的責任是有限的。如果我們的服務存在問題,我們將不知道所有可能的影響是什麼。您同意,對於由本條款引起的或與之相關的任何利潤,收入,信息或數據損失,或由此產生的,特殊的,間接的,示例性的,懲罰性的或附帶的損害,我們概不負責(以下簡稱“責任”),我們知道它們是可能發生的。這包括我們刪除您的內容,信息或帳戶的時間。


How We Will Handle Disputes.


You agree that, in its sole discretion, may also bring any claim we have against you related to efforts to abuse, interfere, or engage with our products in unauthorized ways in the country in which you reside that has jurisdiction over the claim.





Unsolicited Material.


We always appreciate feedback or other suggestions, but may use them without any restrictions or obligation to compensate you for them, and are under no obligation to keep them confidential.



Updating These Terms

We may change our Service and policies, and we may need to make changes to these Terms so that they accurately reflect our Service and policies. Unless otherwise required by law, we will notify you (for example, through our Service) before we make changes to these Terms and give you an opportunity to review them before they go into effect. Then, if you continue to use the Service, you will be bound by the updated Terms. If you do not want to agree to these or any updated Terms, you can delete your account.



Revised: December 20, 2020


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