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FAQ 常見問題

  • How do I login to my account? 點登入?
    You can register with an email account, or log in with your Google or Facebook account. 你可以註冊電郵,或以Google或Facebook 帳戶登入。
  • Is my device supported? 我部手機用唔用得?
    Yes. We support most of the devices. 大部份智能手機,平板,電腦都用得。
  • Is this age appropriate for my child? 小朋友啱唔啱睇?
    Yes. It's all about fun and Jetso! 著數野人人都啱睇。
  • How do I send my subscription? 點樣訂閱?
    Simply click "subscribe". That's it! 按訂閱鍵即可。
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